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EF Tours staff: A team of many, brought together by you

EF Tours staff: A team of many, brought together by you

All of us are missing something right now. Here at EF Education First, that sense of longing is no different. We miss our customers. We miss traveling. But more than that, we miss the magic that happens when we bring you out into the world.

From Zurich and Toronto to Boston and Panama City, a member of your EF family is always close by. And even though we can’t physically see each other at the moment, there is still so much we want to share with you—starting with a few words of encouragement from some friendly faces.

Amanda / Switzerland

What does Amanda do, exactly?

She manages a team of Tour Experience Managers for EF Educational Tours. These problem-solvers and detail-decipherers oversee every aspect of our tour itineraries from start to finish.

Here’s what she wants to say to EF customers:

“Thank you for your patience as we realize this is bigger than all of us. I’ve had multiple conversations with many of you over the years, and we have always said that EF also stands for “ever flexible.” And the reality is, the world is asking for a lot of it at the moment. However, it will be our time again soon—to pack our suitcases, have those pre-trip nerves, and head to the airport eager to explore a new destination.”

Ardie / United States

What does Ardie do, exactly?

He oversees a team within EF Explore America that’s responsible for planning on-tour experiences all across North America for student travelers and their teachers.

Here’s what he wants to say to EF customers: 

“In these times of uncertainty, your travel aspirations help me get through the day. They motivate us all to think about making safe and unforgettable moments for our groups in the future.”

Marina / Canada

What does Marina do, exactly?

As a marketing coordinator for EF Tours Canada, she touches everything from emails and social posts, to website content and media inquiries for the EF Canadian Youth Ambassadors program.

If you knew Marina, you’d know she believes:

“We’re in this together. Not just with our EF customers and colleagues, but globally we are connected and united. I think it’s going to be a beautiful thing when we’re able to come out of quarantine with a new appreciation of the world and our ability to go out and explore.”

Mike / Switzerland

What does Mike do, exactly?

He helps pair educational tour groups together and book flights for students and teachers traveling internationally with EF Educational Tours.

Here’s what he wants to say to EF customers:

“I can only imagine how much this has impacted your dreams of being able to see the world and show so many others the world, too. We are continuing to work extremely hard so that once you are able to make those dreams come true, we will be ready to make it happen!”

Alaina / United States

What does Alaina do, exactly?

She manages two teams within EF Go Ahead Tours. The first is made up of specialists who work around the clock (truly, 24 hours every day!) to handle any concerns that come up during a traveler’s tour experience. The other connects with travelers after they return home so we can continue to improve our tours.

If you knew Alaina, you’d know she believes:

“Every time we answer the phone at 3am, or we can offer support to a traveler who is in the hospital, or we listen intently to a traveler’s story when they return home, we form a deeper relationship with them. We are there through the challenges that travel can present, and we also get to hear the awe, joy, and gratitude that travel can give.”

Sam / Panama

What does Sam do, exactly?

He helps manage EF’s local presence in six countries, making sure that our groups traveling to Latin America are looked after by the best Tour Directors in the industry.

Here’s what he wants to say to EF customers:

“As we are all too aware right now, anything can happen on a trip, so thank you for trusting us to keep you and your group safe.”


Kate / United States

What does Kate do, exactly?

In addition to supervising a team of Program Consultants for EF College Study, Kate helps universities and colleges across the western half of the U.S. build impactful and relevant short-term study abroad programs for their students.

Here’s what she wants to say to EF customers:

“A couple of my customers have reached out to me over the phone or email just to say ‘I’m thinking of you during these crazy times. Hang in there!’ and that means more than they will ever realize.”


From all of us at EF, we can’t wait to see you out there soon. <3


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