All great creative companies can point to a moment in their histories where design and creative became important to their brand. A point in time that changed what their brand stood for – a point where they became world-renowned for such great work.

At EF that point in time is now.

An opportune moment


Creatives joining our team will be the originators of a transformation. The founding architects of work that future creatives around the world will someday look up to – wishing they too could have had such opportunities. EF is about to become one of those companies known around the world for its brilliant creative and design, so it’s a rather perfect time to join our team.

A broad spectrum

Education is the goal of our business, but creativity underpins everything we do to achieve it. We're aiming to put design at the heart of the whole learning experience – everything from school architecture and wayfinding, to tour merchandise and brochures, to iPad apps for the classroom.
As a result, you'll find myriad roles in branding, graphic & interactive design, campaigns, user experience, print, interiors, video and animation.

Creative Journal

A small sample of the design work being produced at EF recently, is an opportunity to see where we're heading as a creative company.

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If traveling the world, paving your own way and making an impact is the kind of career you want, you're the type of person we're looking for.

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If traveling the world, paving your own way, and making an impact is the kind of career you want, you’re the type of person we’re looking for.

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