Operations & Customer service

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EF schools, programs and products continue to grow and multiply across the globe thanks to our dynamic operations teams.

They coordinate the many moving parts needed to ensure a seamless experience for every student and traveller. From travel coordinators and accommodation experts, to school directors and customer service teams, you’ll find endless opportunities for growth, excitement and travel.

Make things happen

Influential decision-making

Working in operations means you’re uniquely positioned to impact a customer’s experience. Whether they’re learning a language, earning a degree or traveling abroad, you’re at the center of the experience – troubleshooting, opening new schools, hiring teachers, supporting tour groups and connecting with students.

Tangible results

Every day you’ll see the outcomes of your work – from helping a lost student or traveller to celebrating with a new graduate. It’s this fast-paced, dynamic environment that shines a light on your leadership and results.

Variety and scale

People are often surprised at the sheer scale and breadth of what we do. EF has helped more than 15 million people learn a language, discover the world or earn an academic degree. This means coordinating a huge number of people, places, flights, vehicles and schools – a career in operations at EF means playing a key part in making big things happen.

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If traveling the world, paving your own way and making an impact is the kind of career you want, you’re the type of person we're looking for.

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If traveling the world, paving your own way, and making an impact is the kind of career you want, you’re the type of person we’re looking for.

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