If you’re a recent graduate with 360 degrees of talent and vision, we want you to become part of our highly selective one-year Global Management Trainee Program.

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Seriously Hands-On

Who's this program for?

This highly selective one-year management trainee program is strictly for recent graduates with 360 degrees of talent and vision.

This job is highly demanding. If you are deterred by jet lag, the idea of getting totally hands-on, or working long hours, this program is not for you.

Your EF360 year

It’s as much a mission as it is a job. As an EF360 management trainee, you’ll assist an EF President who will act as your mentor, your supervisor, and your friend.

You could be asked to produce a flash mob for a viral marketing campaign, analyze sales data, or propose a new design for a mobile app. No assignment is too big or small. You could be based in Boston, London, Lucerne, Zurich, Hong Kong, Shanghai, or one of EF’s other major offices. And no matter where you are, be prepared to travel.

Your career Path

Once you become truly 360 (to us, that means fully versed in EF’s entrepreneurial operating style), you will earn a position within the organization that best suits your talents and skills. Positions range from team manager in Boston to business analyst in Zurich to project manager in Shanghai, and anything and anywhere in between.


Cindy Niu

Brand Manager,
Cultural Care Au Pair, Boston

Cindy came to EF with a broad repertoire of skills, from being a classically trained violinist to a hip hop dancer. She spent her EF360 year with Cultural Care Au Pair and was involved in a variety of projects in brand and marketing strategy. She found her passion exploring customer journeys and telling brand stories. She’s learned how to position a brand in different countries and also wrote a children’s book introducing au pairs to a new audience. When Cindy is not at work, she can be found compulsively buying dark chocolate and art supplies. “My work at EF challenges, inspires, and delights me in more ways than I could have imagined.”

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Albert Lundberg

Product Manager
EF Corporate Solutions, London

Albert loves adventure. In the past two years, he has visited over 20 countries, from Japan to Iceland, Kenya to Kosovo. If it’s out of Albert’s comfort zone, you’ll see him doing it. Albert’s thrill-seeking got him a job as a Product Manager for EF Corporate Solutions, which sparked plenty of new adventures. Most recently, he worked on the product development of our Virtual Teacher Training Course delivered to all 6,000 teachers in the Maldives. In his spare time, he likes a good 90k cross-country ski race. “In my role, I love to be challenged to think about how technology can help people better understand one another.”

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Minh Tran

Senior Director of Research & Academic Partnerships
EF Learning Labs, Hong Kong

After graduation, Minh joined Teach for America and taught fifth grade math and science in Los Angeles. He went on to teach English in five countries across three continents. As an EF360, Minh shadowed EF’s Chief Culture Officer and learned the secrets of global marketing campaigns. His first project was overseeing the EF EPI, the world’s largest ranking of countries by English skills, which put him in front of media and education ministers around the world. He now works in Hong Kong as Senior Director of Research and Academic Partnerships. “As our world becomes smaller, it is ever more important that we have friends from different cultures.”

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Asia Nelson

Project Manager
EF Educational Tours, Boston

When Asia joined EF, she discovered a passion for using technology to connect people and to enhance existing processes. During her EF360 year, Asia launched a Snapchat challenge for EF360 internship candidates, worked on the Central Brand team in Boston, and created a mobile phone app for new hires. Asia’s projects have also given her the unique opportunity to tour the US with EF’s Olympics Ambassador DeeDee Trotter. In her free time, Asia enjoys bowling and can hula hoop for hours. “At EF no idea is too big or too crazy. We’re constantly brainstorming ground-breaking solutions.”

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Hélène Vincent

Director, Research & Academic Partnerships
EF Education Tours, Boston

With an international upbringing and a love for languages (she speaks seven), Hélène recognized that her passion for education and travel aligned perfectly with EF’s mission. As an EF360, she saw an opportunity to merge two businesses to create a new one – Language Immersion Tours, bringing together language lessons with cultural experiences abroad. Her work sent her to 20 EF schools in 15 countries. Now, Hélène manages a team who grow global education in US schools. “I get to engage in my own love for language learning on a daily basis, collaborating with international colleagues around the world.”

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Patric Jakobsson

Sales Manager
EF High School Exchange Year, Tokyo

Whenever Patric travels to a new city, he goes for a run. He doesn’t mind getting lost, as it usually is just something positive for him to get a feel for the place. Patric has run through a lot of cities with EF. He works as a sales manager for our Asian markets in EF’s High School Year division. This means he oversees four teams in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. For him, the most rewarding part of his job is getting to learn what is unique about each market – whether it’s customer interaction, work culture, or cuisine. “Having colleagues who challenge me every day is the biggest reason why I enjoy working here.”

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Go places

Interested in being an EF360 Global Management Trainee?

If you’re ready to apply to the EF360, please select one of the regional application buttons below: China, Europe or the US. You will need to have a valid passport or visa to work in any of these three geographic locations. Please apply to only one region. As a part of the Recruitment process you will be invited to take the EF360 challenge below.

The Challenge: EF has convened 100 education ministers from around the world. As an EF360, you’ve been tasked to pitch a EUR 1 billion artificial intelligence (AI) product to the ministers. Your goal is to sell this product to at least 10 of the 100 ministers. Which countries would you target and why? How would you integrate this new AI product with EF’s existing portfolio of products, and how would you differentiate it from other offerings in the AI market? Your pitch should showcase EF’s vision for the future of education, travel, and cultural exchange. You have 2,500 VR glasses, a self-driving bus, 500 bars of organic chocolate, a professional dance troupe, and a 3D printer.

Give us your pitch, and make sure that it includes organizational and financial implications. While any creative format is welcome, video submissions should be kept under three minutes, and written proposals should be no more than 500 words. It goes without saying that the content should be captivating and brilliant!