If you’re a recent graduate with a passion for technology and innovation, join our one-year EF360 Tech program.

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The program

We’re looking for technologists who want to get hands-on, professional experience in product development, mobile & web development, collaborative software, and integrated design. Our EF360 Tech program offers you the chance to be exposed to every aspect of a project and work with small teams solving big problems. And you’ll be able to to own a project, initiative, or idea from start to finish.

The year ahead

As an EF360 Tech, you’ll work in an environment that is fast, flat, and flexible. You’ll get to experience firsthand how each phase of product development, from incubation to implementation, affects our business. You’ll also have opportunities to meet and work side by side with some of our top executives and tech leads, while being given the opportunity to travel to some of EF’s coolest work spaces worldwide to meet our tech teams and other EF360s.

Your EF path

Once your year is complete, you’ll earn a position within the company that is tailored to your talents and interests. Positions in our creative and technology teams range from developers, tech leads, project managers, business analysts, UX designers, and integrated producers throughout our global offices.

The people behind the technology



Armed with a degree from MIT and an MBA from Harvard, Yerrie started her career at EF working for the Chairman, who challenged her to develop a new digital English test. From scratch, Yerrie assembled a team of engineers, UX architects, linguists, and data scientists to launch the EF Standard English Test, the world’s first adaptive English test built in the cloud. Yerrie’s team is now responsible for growing this start-up product into a global standard using open-source technology and agile methods.

Click here to see the EFSET (EF Standard English Test) in action



Before joining EF in 2011, Will had created a website for a Swedish fashion retailer that had just been named the country’s best for two years in a row. But when Will had the chance to move to Boston and become VP of Technology for Go Ahead Tours, he jumped at the chance. He’s spent his time rebuilding EF’s oldest customer relationship management system from the ground up. Will explains, “If you think about where education’s going to go next, I think a big part of that will be about technology and innovation.”

If you think about where education’s going to go next, I think a big part of that will be about technology and innovation

Will Sporrong
VP of Technology, E-commerce
Works in the Boston office



A graduate of Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology with a Masters degree in Industrial Engineering and Business Management, Madeleine ran mobile services and worked with new media for one of Sweden’s largest media groups before joining EF to develop a comprehensive and unified mobile learning strategy. She developed a concept for teaching with digital learning materials and grew that concept into a team of 25 and a business that is now about to go global.

At EF, we have an entrepreneurial culture where new ideas are heard, creative risks are taken and ownership is encouraged.

Dare to make something happen and you’ll find a supportive team behind you.

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Architect your career in Technology – join the EF360 Tech Program. If you’re passionate about technology and innovation and are looking to get hands-on, professional experience in product, mobile & web development, collaborative software and integrated design; this position could be for you!