Entrepreneurial Sales Development Program

The Entrepreneurial Sales Development Program at EF Educational Tours is our multi-year development program that is designed to transform you into a fearless business owner. As our name implies, at EF Education First, your education comes first. We focus on cultivating your sales technique, entrepreneurial spirit, and professional skillset.

Who we are looking for

We're seeking...

Adventurers and entrepreneurs. You will be a perfect fit if:

  • You are up for the challenge – you want a career with real responsibilities
  • You are bold, unconventional, and fearless – a true entrepreneurial spirit
  • You are an influencer – a natural networker who loves talking to people
  • You know you can sell and you are not afraid to prove it
  • You want to be part of a team that motivates and inspires you
  • You believe going above and beyond is the only way to do things

Become a fearless business owner

As an Educational Tour Consultant in the Entrepreneurial Sales Development Program, you will have ownership over a geographic territory in North America. Through our consultative-based solution selling, you will connect schools, teachers, and students with international opportunities. Your challenge is to combine business expertise with a passion for global education to bring transformative international experiences to every student in your territory.

Your development ecosystem: The what, how, and who

We have created an ecosystem to help develop you into a fearless business owner. You would not be going at it alone. As part of our Entrepreneurial Sales Development Program, you will feel supported for growth by your village. Your village is comprised of your Director, Sales Trainer, EF Leadership, your Program Cohort, your Regional Team, and Peer Mentor. We will work together to develop your sales, professional, and entrepreneurial skills in a variety of ways to ensure you become a fearless business owner.

Your development through our multi-year program

Month one

For the first month, you will participate in the EF Educational Tours (ET) Incubator with your cohort. Here, you will work with cross-functional teams to gain a holistic understanding of the business. By the end of the month, you will have gained a solid grasp on our consultative approach to sales, finessed product knowledge, and started building an international professional network that will continue to grow.

After the ET Incubator, you will join your EF team. You will be supported by key mentors that include your Sales Trainer, a Senior Educational Tour Consultant who will serve as your peer advisor, and your Director.

Year One

From day one on the job, we will provide the training, tools, and development to help you launch both professionally and in your market.

In the months following your initial training, you will dive into your territory, refine your sales pitch, and familiarize yourself with the nuances of the job. You will gain a working knowledge of the business, the product, and your market. You will pack your bags to navigate new business networks domestically and then head abroad to join an Educational Tour in Europe! Whether it’s Italy, Greece, or Switzerland, you will return inspired to evolve your business and magnify the impact of travel.

Year Two

The second year of the program is about challenging yourself to accelerate your development and your business.

Over the course of this year, you will start plugging into various working groups where your insights are vital. Maybe you get a rush when you go head-to-head with competitors, so you join the competition working group. Or perhaps you are fascinated by the logic behind lead flow, so you dig deeper into the best practices to conversion. We encourage you to explore your passions while you continue to shatter sales goals.

Year Three

After successful completion of the program, you will be promoted to Senior Educational Tour Consultant, where the areas for you to make an impact are everywhere.

Senior Educational Tour Consultants demonstrate leadership by driving innovation, sales, and peer mentorship. Continue to sell and move forward while finding ways to deepen the role. Imagine yourself leading a global education symposium, hosting a delegation to experience service learning in the Dominican Republic, or trailblazing thought leadership with colleagues in Lucerne, Toronto, or Shanghai. Now is your time to soar.

Want to go places?

If traveling the world, paving your own way, and making an impact is the kind of career you want, you’re the type of person we’re looking for.

Recently graduated?

Accelerate your career alongside some of the best and brightest minds.