Teaching is at the heart of our learning experiences.
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Want to inspire international students?
Around the world, EF teachers are catalysts for discovery as they guide their students to new insights and understandings about the world around them. By combining classroom teaching with real-world experience, our teachers are changing learning in remarkable ways.
Teach English locally
Find opportunities to teach English with EF in your community. With summer and year-round positions available, you’ll discover a classroom rich with international culture and a shared desire to learn
Teach English online
Bring language to life for millions of people across the globe — and do it from the comfort of your own home through EF English Live, one of the world’s largest online language schools.
Teach at high schools
Our boarding school, EF Academy, delivers a truly international high school education through campus rotations, international faculty, and a diverse student body. Our teachers focus on a wide range of subjects, including Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Economics, Sociology, Mathematics, and more.