We bring together thinkers and doers to innovate in education.

We’re a diverse group of industry leaders – from academia, design, hardware, product, research, content and engineering. Together, we’re solving some of the most challenging problems that exist today.

Edtech is one of the fastest growing sectors – expected to be worth $252 billion by 2020. And we’re right at the forefront – pioneering products and driving the education revolution.

Our principles

To build human connections

Why do we learn languages? To understand each another, build relationships and reach more people.

It’s all about the human connection. That’s why learning a new language needs to be much more than achieving a high score in a test.

We are creating life-changing experiences through cutting edge academic research and the use of new technologies that unite people to interact and learn together. Because it’s only when we start using it to connect with others, that a language comes to life.

Creating personalised learning experiences

At EF we embrace the diversity of our customers. We teach English to students in 114 countries worldwide, from 3-year-olds to 83-year-olds. And we know that effective learning is personalized learning.

Our innovative products help us understand our students’ needs and deliver targeted activities just for them. We engage students by keeping them appropriately challenged and motivate them by showing how well they’re improving.

That’s how we create the most effective route to success.

To immerse students in language

Over 50 years ago, EF was born with the mission to open the world through education. From day one we’ve mixed academics with adventure to enhance learning by immersing students in language and culture.

Today, technology enables us to do that in entirely new ways.

We build products that seamlessly integrate into students’ lives. Products that increase students’ exposure to language and education, so they build confidence and knowledge throughout their day.

Redefine education. Set a new benchmark for learning. It’s all in a days’ work for us.

Without communication and understanding, communities become alienated and disconnected.

A career with EF not only gives you the chance to impact on language learning, but to redefine education.

While technology is evolving faster than ever before in human history, education has remained largely unchanged for centuries.

At EF we’re seizing those opportunities to make a tangible difference. Our pioneering tools and experiences don’t just help people master languages but reinvent how they learn. Be part of our movement.

Like our customers, we are explorers

We have offices in Shanghai, Lucerne and London and bring together people from different industries, disciplines and cultures. We drive and inspire each other to think differently and push boundaries.

We are committed to life-long learning. We are curious and courageous, dedicated and determined. And we know that diversity and collaboration are the key to innovation.

Like you, we’re one of a kind

EF is the world’s largest education company. Only we own every part of the learning journey – the teachers and technology, the schools and support, the curriculum, the content and the courses.

Operating at this scale means only we can harness the data needed to truly deliver on personalised learning.

We’re leading that charge by operating across all of our businesses, unifying our platforms and super-powering our products.

And we need your radical ideas and free thinking to add to the mix.

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