Bringing people together defines how we work.

Whether in a school, an office, or connecting virtually from home, our teams foster moments of human connection and understanding around the world. As a global organization, we have always worked across borders, cultures, time zones, and currencies.

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When you walk through the door of any EF office or school, anywhere in the world, you feel at home. Inside (and out), you’ll find inspiring, modern environments designed to foster flexibility and connection. These spaces invite collaboration, inspiration, and innovation. Whether large or small, across EF you’ll find centrally located spaces where you will thrive.
Since 1965, we have known firsthand that work, like learning, happens everywhere. Virtual paired with in-person collaboration is simply part of the working experience at EF. Whether your role is one in which you occasionally travel to work with colleagues or work in an office or team with a formal office/remote hybrid model, you will have the opportunity to e