As a community, we support and challenge each other every day.

Working together across hundreds of schools and offices around the world, at EF, we are united by our passion for the work we do. Our international community fosters continuous learning, fearless innovation, and mutual support that develops you professionally and personally.

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A mission you can be proud of
Our founder, Bertil Hult, said, “The role of business is not just to make money, but to make our world a better place.” Our customers and students want to improve their life and their future. By helping them open new paths for themselves, in a small way, we hope to ultimately to help people change the world.
Ownership at every level
People at EF make things happen. Here we encourage you to take full ownership of your work, regardless of your level or experience. EF team members often say we operate like the world’s largest startup because this boundless entrepreneurial spirit is built into our organization’s DNA.
Global reach with impact
With a global presence in 120 countries, you’ll join an international community passionate about bringing people together. We seek to do for our team members what we do for our students and customers — help them become global citizens. By doing work that encourages empathy and challenges bias, you quickly learn how to thrive while collaborating across borders and cultures.
Learning that never stops
We’re ambitious optimists who believe nothing is impossible, constantly pushing toward a better future. Therefore, we aim to provide you with the skills, resources, and know-how to thrive and excel through ongoing learning and development opportunities.
A community of colleagues, mentors, and friends
If you ask anyone at EF what they like most about working here, you will usually hear the same answer: the people. Visit any of our offices or schools, and you’ll find the same welcoming, energizing, and fun atmosphere — because our people are the heart of our organization. We support one another, cheer each other on when we win, and learn together when we fail.