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Mario and Margareta: EF Friends Forever

Mario and Margareta: EF Friends Forever

Mario and Margareta met at a trade show in Hangzhou, China and immediately became fast friends. It was clear to Mario that Margareta was hungry for more in her career, so when he heard that they were creating a new position within the EF Local English Centers team and needed someone detail-oriented and eager to learn, Mario knew Margareta was right for the job.  Margareta received an offer to become a Converter/Visa Specialist and Application Coordinator for teacher recruitment and training shortly after, and the two now enjoy monthly lunch dates in EF Education First’s Shanghai office. We asked Mario what it’s been like to work with Margareta at EF.

How did you know Margareta was meant for EF?
I knew she was a perfect fit due to her curiosity for continuous learning and growth. She wanted to continue improving her skills, had a “can-do” attitude, and a “nothing is impossible” outlook.

What had been your best EF moment with Margareta?
I love our monthly lunches and catching up over some coffee or breakfast in the open space, and the memories we share from the summer parties and other EF events. We can share our personal experiences in EF and brainstorm with each other when needed. It’s been great being able to be in the same office with someone you are very close with, even if you work in different departments.

What EF core value does Margareta display most?
Attention to detail, quality, and nothing is impossible are all synonymous traits that Margareta possesses. She started with EF almost two years ago in a role that was freshly created and took on the challenge with a “nothing is impossible” view and learned a whole new line of work. She was able to impact the team and department she was working with due to her attention to detail and the quality of her work. Now, almost two years later, she has mastered her role.

How does Margareta make EF a better place to work?
She brings charisma and a passion to always give 100%. She truly cares about her role in EF and I have seen this firsthand when new teachers reach out to her with thank you messages and emails. She is not only a team player but a great teammate, looking over fellow colleagues when they are away on leave. She is also a great example to new EFers when they are looking for how they can develop and grow within EF.

What’s your favorite thing about working at EF?
The culture and the people, and the fact that you can talk to anyone and learn more about EF if you really want to. Everyone from managers to the CEO are all open to talk if you reach out to them. It’s a great feeling when you see your fellow manager or department leader sitting side-by-side and working together with the team to find efficient solutions. I feel that although it’s a very large company, anywhere you go in the world, if you stop by any EF office, they will welcome you with open arms. EF is truly a family and we all have a common goal of opening the world through education.

What’s a key piece of advice you would give to a new EFer?
Reach out to others who’ve had a similar role as you in the past. Don’t be afraid to ask for help because we are all here to learn and grow from each other. Also make sure your LinkedIn is up to date, since you never know who you will meet while working here!