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Finding family at EF: Kemor’s EF journey

Finding family at EF: Kemor’s EF journey

It was Halloween 2011 when Kemor first stepped into the EF Education First North American headquarters in Boston. As those who are familiar with EF’s passion for Halloween know, it was a sight to see—coworkers and managers alike dressed in their best costumes. But for Kemor, that was exactly the type of culture he wanted to be surrounded by.

Before working at EF, Kemor was proctoring exams at Hult International Business School, an independent, non-profit business school associated with EF through Bertil Hult, the founder of EF. It was while he was working at Hult that Kemor learned about a position in customer service with EF Educational Tours, and he later made his way to the shipping department for EF.

In shipping, Kemor really hit his stride. “I loved working in shipping because they’re always trying to improve what they are doing,” he said. “It’s a service-driven department. Early on, the mentality of problem solving as a team was infectious.”

Kemor credits his team’s hard work ethic with keeping him motivated, and helping him break out of his shell—having moved to Boston from Jamaica, Kemor wasn’t always the outgoing person he is now. “I was very shy when I moved to Boston,” Kemor said, “but working at EF has allowed me to open up.”

Since starting at EF, Kemor has gotten involved with EF Cares, EF’s volunteer organization for staff, which led him to continue volunteering at a local homeless shelter on his own time. He’s participated in adventure runs with the Running Club, visited a number of EF offices across the world, and continues to dress up for Halloween with all his colleagues in Boston.

It’s these experiences—the fun culture and welcoming atmosphere—that stick out as the reason Kemor loves working at EF. “It’s been huge for my experience here,” he said. “We’re family. It might sound cheesy, but coming to EF has allowed me to find my fit so quickly and easily.”

After working for a few years in shipping, Kemor was ready to switch tracks, so he made the move to his current role as Technical Support Specialist with EF Educational Tours just a few months ago. He’s enjoyed learning more about IT, and is grateful for the support of his colleagues as he navigated his recent move. “My team invested a lot of time and resources into me,” Kemor explained. “I feel fortunate to be able to get outside my comfort zone and try something new.”

Whether in shipping or IT, in Boston or Toronto, Kemor says that the EF culture never changes. “You get that same EF feeling regardless of the location or office,” Kemor said. “You get that ‘EF feeling’ wherever you go.”