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From EF Ultimate Break influencer to full-time Social Media Producer: Emma's EF journey

From EF Ultimate Break influencer to full-time Social Media Producer: Emma's EF journey

Emma’s journey at EF Education First began through her passion for travel and social media—specifically YouTube— content creation. After years of following the brand and seeing influencers attend trips with EF Ultimate Break, Emma jumped at the opportunity to go on one herself. What began as a series of trips creating content for EF Ultimate Break as an influencer evolved into a full-time role as a Social Media Producer, where she's constantly thinking outside the box and finding new ways to engage with her audience. Check out what makes Emma's job at EF something different.

What inspired you to start posting videos on YouTube?

When I was younger, I moved around often and had few friends. In 2012, I moved to Virginia and started creating content. I started looking up Valentine's Day outfit ideas, morning routines, and other similar videos. I enjoyed engaging with that content and realized I wanted to start creating content myself. When I started posting YouTube videos, I didn't expect anyone to respond to my videos. I was surprised that as time went on, my platform kept growing and growing, and I ended up forming a community on the platform. It was rewarding and fun because it became a hobby of mine, and it became an outlet where I could express myself.

When did you realize you wanted to pursue a career in social media?

Social media as a career was less common and understood in 2012 than today. I was excited and passionate about social media because it was such an unknown frontier, but I only thought of it becoming a true profession much later. I knew I would continue doing it as long as I enjoyed it. In the beginning, it was honestly just for fun. I explored other interests throughout high school and college before content creation as a career became more established, and I decided that it was something I wanted to pursue.

How did you first learn about EF?

I subscribed to two girls on YouTube who went on an EF Ultimate Break trip to Barcelona, Ibiza, and Valencia. At that point, I'd been on YouTube for three or four years, and the concept of a brand trip was somewhat unusual. Most influencers received tangible products to market on their channels; they weren't sent on international trips. In 2016, I remember thinking, "I would love to go somewhere with EF Ultimate Break. The fact that they are sending people to Europe is blowing my mind." In 2018, my content was becoming more travel-oriented, and EF Ultimate Break reached out to me to go on a brand trip. I remember getting the email in the car and crying; it was a moment I'll never forget. I had so much love and respect for the brand, and to be sent on a brand trip was just a dream come true.

What about EF made you want to pivot from an influencer to a full-time role at EF?

Everything fell into place. After graduating in 2022, I went on another EF Ultimate Break trip as an influencer. I was planning on moving to Paris and teaching English that fall for two years, but that ended up falling through, so I started looking for other roles. I wasn't finding anything I was passionate about. I reached out to a contact I had through EF, and she told me there was an open role as a Social Media Producer with EF Ultimate Break that I would be perfect for. I applied for the position and interviewed twice, with my second interview being on the airport floor before I boarded my flight to go on a UB trip. While on tour in Munich, I got a call offering me a full-time role at EF.

What does a typical day at work look like?

No two days are the same! I spend a lot of time creating assets, pitching concepts, sourcing organic media, and doing general campaign support. I'm also responsible for community management, including responding to comments and direct messages, engaging with other brands, and interacting with the content we get tagged in. One week, I could be photoshopping skincare on a hamster, and the next week, I could be dressing up as a bucket—whatever direction social trends are going in, I'm along for the ride.

What, in your opinion, makes your job unique?

Being a social media producer is an exciting role. It requires a lot of thinking on your feet, which is both exciting and daunting. The social assets we create could be a customer's first touchpoint with the EF brand. Our team is responsible for developing and maintaining a strong brand voice. Algorithms, trends, and methods for engaging with consumers change every day, so there are many unknowns that we're exploring.

What is your favorite moment at EF so far?

I'm so grateful to have come into a team where I have not only great colleagues but also close friends. I've seen so many people enter the workforce post-graduation, do what is expected of them, and check that box daily, but they're not inspired or passionate about what they're doing. I come into work feeling inspired, and part of that is attributed to the intentional, creative, and intelligent people I work with. When I began this job, I was intimidated to pitch concepts and needed to be more confident in my ideas because it was my first professional experience. My coworkers created a safe environment for me to share my ideas, and I gained that confidence with their constant support and encouragement.

Do you have a favorite travel experience with EF so far?

I was lucky to go on my dream trip to Egypt with EF Ultimate Break. Being there and in my element, doing what I love, was a fantastic experience that really represented why I love working at EF.

Any advice for someone joining EF?

My advice is to talk to everyone you can, take advantage of the unique workplace, and have fun! Everyone at EF has a unique story, and I've observed that many people who work here have that open-minded, traveler spirit. Additionally, there are many opportunities to take advantage of it, such as the various clubs and affinity groups. It's common to assume that corporate jobs come with a corporate environment. While people at EF do their work, we also prioritize having fun and enjoying ourselves.