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Stina and Viktor: EF Friends Forever

Stina and Viktor: EF Friends Forever

When Stina met Viktor, Stina was working for a top recruiting firm in Stockholm and Viktor was performing his way through the Stockholm nightlife scene. They clicked instantly. A few years later, Stina, then working at EF Education First, reached out to Viktor for some project advice. They met for a meal, which quickly evolved into a job interview. By the end of it, Viktor decided to put down the microphone (for now) and try a career change.

Both are now based in Sweden, where Stina works as a Country Product Manager for EF International Language Centers while Viktor does sales for EF Corporate Solutions. We caught up with Stina to see just how she knew Viktor should trade a life on stage for a life at EF.

Q: How did you know Viktor was the right fit for EF?
A: He is a person with a lot of ideas, he is grounded, driven, good at connecting with people, likeable and fun.

Q: What is your best EF memory with Viktor?
A: While Viktor and I work for different products within EF, we have attended work fairs together to promote EF and inform students about career opportunities we offer. We visited Copenhagen Business School and Stockholm School of Economics together—it was a lot more fun to do it together, as we know each other well, have the same sense of humor, and work well together.

Q: What EF core value does Viktor display most?
A: Definitely entrepreneurial spirit. Viktor runs a winery with his family and a real estate business on the side, in addition to working full-time at EF! At work he is always taking the initiative and looking for new opportunities to grow the business.

Q: How does Viktor make EF a better place to work?
A: It is nice to have someone you know from “the outside” at the office, someone you can share everything with. Viktor is also a really fun guy and brings extra energy to the entire office.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about working at EF?
A: I like the pulse, energy, professionalism and passion in the people. It is great to work with talented and driven people that you can learn from, grow with, and have fun with at the same time.

Q: What’s a key piece of advice you would give to a new EFer?
A: Network! Both because it is fun and because it will help you in your current job, all while helping build your career at EF.