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Tell us what you do: Something different with Adrian

Tell us what you do: Something different with Adrian

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an expert travel advisor, support customers as they prepare for transformative travel, and become a traveler yourself at work? Meet Adrian, Traveler Support Specialist for EF Explore America at the EF Education First Austin office. Many customer support specialist jobs exist, but at EF, you can expect an exciting career that’s truly something different.

How long have you worked at EF?

I just hit my first anniversary in July!

How would you describe your job?

As EF travel experts, we give travelers the information they need to prepare for their trip. Our role goes beyond a typical customer service representative by combining communication skills, sales instincts, and a solution-oriented attitude to give our customers the best experience possible. I work with teammates from all departments within EF Explore America – sales, travel, and operations – to resolve traveler issues and provide outstanding customer service. My day-to-day tasks vary from giving IT help to supporting a traveler as they prepare for an upcoming trip.

What made you apply for a job at EF?

I saw an advertisement for EF Ultimate Break, and thought it would be super fun to travel with EF. I was exploring the website and came across the careers site. I looked at careers in my area and saw an IT position in Austin, so I applied for it and got a call from EF the following week. The interview process was terrific— I had never had such a warm and welcoming experience.

Although I did not get that position, I did not let that discourage me. I saw a spot for a Traveler Support Specialist the following week. I filled out the application and again had a speedy interview, and I got the job!

What was your favorite experience at EF so far?

My first staff travel experience! I got to tag along on our Washington D.C. and New York City tours. A teammate from the Boston office also came. During the tour, I got to know him better. He was from New York and showed me around the city during our free time. It was a unique experience—I enjoyed touring the cities, seeing new things, and making new friends.

What, in your opinion, makes your job unique?

The ability to get to know the customers—every person I talk to has their own story.

Any advice for someone joining EF?

Be yourself, have fun, and come in with an open mind!