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Tell us what you do: Something different with Cherie

Tell us what you do: Something different with Cherie

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to support a team, develop out-of-the-box sales tactics, and have a job where every day is a new adventure? Meet Cherie, Manager of Traveler Support for EF Educational Tours at the EF Education First Austin office. Many customer support manager jobs exist, but at EF, your career can be something different.

How would you describe your job?

I manage and develop our team, ensuring customers get the support they need for their trips across different communication channels. I also assist our sales team by providing policy guidance and tactical support, all while finding solutions that benefit our customers and the business.

What does a typical day at work look like?

My days are always different. Sometimes, I work with multiple people on customer support scenarios, other times I work exclusively with one staff member to achieve a goal. Although I have objectives and things I'm trying to achieve daily, weekly, monthly, and beyond, my job can be unpredictable—there is never a dull moment!

What made you apply for a job at EF?

I went on an EF Explore America tour to Washington, D.C., in the 7th grade, so I knew the brand and the logo. I started showing interest in an EF career when studying travel tourism in college. I applied for the Tour Consultant role but did not get it. I was redirected to a Traveler Support role; the rest is history.

Describe EF with 3-5 adjectives.

Fun, dynamic, unpredictable, challenging, and otherworldly.

What has been your favorite experience at EF so far?

An all-time favorite was participating and being a facilitator in the 2019 EF Global Leadership Summit in Davos, Switzerland. Summit is an event where students are grouped and tasked with solving a global problem, and the winning projects are exhibited in the Nobel Prize Museum in Stockholm, Sweden.

Nothing beats watching students who are strangers become best friends while designing, thinking, and then presenting their prototype on stage. They exude pride, passion, and energy– I wish we could bottle that up!

What, in your opinion, makes your job unique?

I know my job is unique when I try to explain what I do for work to a stranger or family member. Although my full-time role is managing staff in traveler support, I also support on–tour issues and emergencies, and I travel with Group Leaders often. My family and friends will say, 'Cherie, you're going to Europe for work again?' And I get to say, –– ‘yes, I am!’

Any advice for someone joining EF?

Dive in. Ask questions. Be vulnerable. Be adaptable. EF has been up and running for a long time, but it’s always reiterated here that there is room for improvement and fresh perspectives. Raise your hand, get involved, and give feedback! Show interest in the tough stuff, get out of your comfort zone, and try new things—it will not go unnoticed.

What, in your opinion, makes EF different?

EF's size can be overwhelming, but our global presence is felt in all corners of the world, which is comforting. Working at EF truly feels like you are making significant changes for the good of the world. I am proud to work with the people I work with, and so many moments bring me energy; you would have to make it your mission to get bored here.