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Thienan and Tanya: EF Friends Forever

Thienan and Tanya: EF Friends Forever

Tanya and Thienan first met at Dartmouth College, where they worked on several volunteer projects together. When Thienan heard Tanya was working at EF Education First and reached out to learn more, Tanya knew that Thienan’s spunk, energy, and hardworking ethic would be a perfect match. Today, Tanya works as a manager for the EF High School Exchange Year program while Thienan is a Recruitment Manager on the Recruitment & Development Team. They both love the drive and creativity that EF affords and believe it’s as fun as you’re willing to make it! We caught up with Tanya to hear more about how she helped Thienan find her dream role at EF.

Q: How did you know Thienan was the right fit for EF?
A: Thienan has always had a contagiously positive attitude, so I knew she would love EF. She truly cares about making a difference and gives her all to make sure others are supported, something that’s so key at EF.

Q: What is your best EF memory or moment with Thienan?
Besides our road trips up to Hanover to recruit more Dartmouth alumni, one of my favorite memories when Thienan and I were helping host an EF event in Lingo. She is one of those people who can scan an overcrowded room and know exactly what each person needs. Watching her effortlessly make everyone feel at home while still having time to enjoy the event herself was such a proud moment for me, because it reminded me of how we worked together in college. But this time, we’re both working in our dream jobs and doing something that we truly believe in.

A: What EF core value does Thienan display most?
Thienan really is a “nothing is impossible” kind of woman. She will do whatever it takes to create a beautiful experience for everyone involved. She doesn’t believe in the phrases “you can’t” or “it won’t work,” but rather hears “try something different” or “think outside of the box.” I’ve loved watching her bring this to her work, leveraging her excitement and innovative ideas for how we recruit at EF.

Q: How does Thienan make EF a better place to work?
Whenever Thienan walks into a room she brings a light and sense of joy that can shift the energy of the room immediately. She is truly one-of-a kind in the way she positively impacts others’ lives, just by being unapologetically herself and present.

A: What’s your favorite thing about working at EF?
It’s not like any other job. You get the opportunity to run with your ideas, gain new skills, and make a difference for a cause you believe in—all while being surrounded by colleagues who are also your friends.

Q: What’s a key piece of advice you would give to a new EFer?
A: Take every opportunity that comes your way—whether that’s helping with a project, getting a cup of coffee with a fellow EFer, or just staying late to stuff name tags before a big event. You never know what amazing memories and opportunities will come when you give your time and energy. And of course, be true to yourself. There are not many organizations that celebrate weirdness and individuality the way EF does!