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Sondra and Dan: EF Friends Forever

Sondra and Dan: EF Friends Forever

Sondra and Dan shared a French class at Stonehill College and finished freshman year as besties. She knew that his bubbly personality and enthusiasm for life would be a perfect fit for EF Education First. Dan recently joined as a Tour Consultant for EF Educational Tours. Sondra works as a Tour Experience Manager for EF Explore America, working with operations to ensure students have a smooth and memorable time on tour. We spoke with Sandra to hear just what it was about Dan that made him a perfect fit.

Q: How did you know Dan was the right fit for EF?
A: I knew Dan was the right fit when I described how much I loved EF Explore America and EF in general. His eyes lit up, and I just knew that this is what he was looking for and where he needed to be. I could picture him striving in an innovative environment where he would have a team who always had his back.

Q: What’s your best EF memory or moment with Dan?
A: That’s easy – LINGO! Just grabbing a drink with Dan after his first few weeks of training and catching up on what he thought of EF. I could tell right away he loved it and was excited to jump into his role.

Q: What EF core value does Dan display most?
A: His nothing is impossible attitude. He’s always going above and beyond to keep a positive attitude, which he brings everywhere and uses with everyone he interacts with.

Q: How does Dan make EF a better place to work?
A: He brings his energy with him everywhere. It’s easy for his energy to rub off on others, making it easy to work around him—but also making it easy for him to network and get to know new people.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about working at EF?
A: My favorite thing about working at EF is the people. I have always loved being part of a team, and at EF every day I feel like I’m with people I consider my second family.

Q: What’s a key piece of advice you would give to a new EFer?
A: Learn as much as you can. Ask questions, shadow colleagues, grab coffee with people, and really get to learn, not just about your product, but about the entire business as a whole – you won’t regret it.